45th Great Grand Parents

Cerdic was born before 495 (that’s the year 495 AD, after Jesus’ death) and his occupation was King of the West Saxons which he acquired, it seems, in 519. He married a nice lady, I can’t seem to recall her name LOL, and they had a son. Cynric, which is surprisingly close to my name, Cynthia. Cedric died in 534. He was a Saxon Earldorman (which I think means he commanded the army) and he founded a settlement on the coast of Hampshire, England. I like the idea of a coastal occupation.

His inlaw relation was Childabert I of Neustria. He was the 3rd son of Clovis I, King of Cologne (which is a nice title too). Co-ruler of the Franks with his brother Thierry I of Australia. 511-558. (Wikipedia has the answers you seek)

The Lady Cynthia’s Beach Estate Cottage. It’s as coastal as you can get!

So here is the point you will be glad you kept reading. My granddaughter, upon hearing about the history of the Filmer line, wrote a story: The Vickengs Adventur

Once upon an evil Englend queen. And all she said was off with her head. But one day a viking named Melody came to save the day. All the viligers chered with joy. But when the queen found out she was ferrous and send the gards to put her in the dungeon. But the gards didn’t want to so thought up a plan. The next day the gards found the vikings and insted of putting her in the dungeon they told her the way to the Pales. At once she sent off and when she got there she damanded to see the queen and the gards led her to the queen. But the thron had a note on it and it sayd, “I am in hiding away from the viking. If she asks, I’m in the dungeon. P.S. I’m really in the dungeon.”

And the vicking went to the queen and asked for the vilegers to be free from this madness, the queen agreed and the both lived happily ever after. The end.



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