My first blog post

This is my first blog post. I hope you enjoy it! I chose this picture because I like the quality and romance that antiques seem to give a room. Old things are worth taking time to embrace. Not practical for every lifestyle but I try to opt for quality and not quantity. I enjoy reading old novels too. I download them on my iX (iphone ten with face recognition). The longest novel was Clarissa. It was about 4,000 pages and described the expectations of the 1748 society’s girl as she came of age.

I liked A tale of two cities very much. A story of London and Paris during the “worst of times”. The Grapes of Wrath is an American tale of poverty. Richard III of England was written to be a history lesson for England’s children and it gave the reasons folks came to America. But one of my favorite books is Black Beauty. It’s short and has an interesting twist, as it was written by the horse in first person. If you have a favorite, please “contact me”. Thanks for reading ME!

Ohh watch this!


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