Thomas “The Seagull” Green was born on the ocean to America in 1726 and married Martha, the daughter of Elizabeth and Henry Filmer. Henry was a Major in the British Army. He was also a Member of the House of Burgesses and earned his MA in 1631 at Cambridge. Henry was born in Sutton Manor, in East Sutton, Kent, England. He resided in VA prior to 1629 and had land grants in James City Co. in 1637. He called his plantation which was sutuated on Mulberry Island down the James River in Warwick Co., VA “Laus Deo” (praise be to God, in Latin). I wonder how nervous old Seagull was when he courted her at that place.

Papa Henry was the son of Elizabeth Argall and Sir Edward Filmer whose occupation was Lord of Charleston Manor in Kent England. There are over 40 generations of this Filmer line identified and date back to 500AD. The crest was my favorite feature since there is a winged unicorn sitting just below the eagle. My daughter is a professional mermaid and I think she should be able to sit between them. I’m not sure of the colors they chose for this crest but i have my colored pencils ready!


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